Waxing is an excellent way to deal with most hair removal. Serenity specialises in all over body waxing for men and women, including Hollywood waxing and Brazilian waxing.

For facial waxing, Serenity uses the award winning Chocolate Lycon wax which smells amazing!

The two methods we currently use are:

Hot Wax
Sometimes referred to as hard wax, the hot wax is applied in a substantially thick layer, ensuring a thorough coating of each hair. As it cools down, the wax hardens and becomes easy to be removed, without the aid of any material strips, taking all the hair with it.

This type of waxing is beneficial to people with more sensitive skin, as it is less painful, and it also reduces the chance of getting any ingrowing hairs afterwards.

Strip Wax
The warmed wax is spread thinly and evenly over the skin surface, on top of which a cloth or paper strip is then pressed. This strip is eventually ripped off in a quick movement, against the direction of hair growth. This removes the wax, along with the hair. Using tea tree oil on the body to immediately reduce any redness and calm the skin.